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HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Body Contouring | Skin Tightening | Ultherapy

We are very excited to offer HIFU the latest non-invasive body and face contouring treatment approved by the FDA for fat loss, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction.  

How it works: 

The technology behind focused ultrasound was originally used to treat cancerous tumors, but after subsequent clinical trials, it was discovered that the high intensity focus ultrasound waves are able to effectively reach the area beneath the skin’s surface — more easily than a laser.  When the focused ultrasound reaches its target tissue temperature of 60-70℃, this causes coagulative necrosis (fat loss) and the shrinking of the surrounding tissue. The body’s natural removal process will flush away the treated fat cells and continue this process of elimination of fat for up to six months after a treatment.

The final effects include lifting, tightening, and rejuvenating of the skin.

Our clients are thrilled with the results. 

HIFU Body Contouring is now available at our offices.

HIFU  (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)  Body Contouring * Skin Tightening * Ultherapy

All in One

What Areas Can Be Treated?

During the free consultation, our beauty consultant will discuss your body contouring objectives and treatment plan. Your treatment will be tailored for your unique body. Most common treatment areas are: abdomen, flank, upper back flank, inner tights, arms, double chin. There are many other areas what can benefit from this procedure. Please consult with our technician.

HIFU combined with ultherapy:) immediate results + multiple benefits: skin tightening, loosing inches, reducing cellulite + FDA approved + non-surgical + no downtime + affordable + 60 minutes visit

Treatment Summary

Procedure time

Approximately 60 minutes per area. Varies depending on the size of treated area


Back to work


Full recovery




Sensitivity period

If any - Up to 10 days

Visible results

Immediate & up to 4 months

Duration of results

Long term results

Risks and complications

Possible bruising, slight swelling for up to 10 days

Number of treatments

This varies per person. Speak to your Body Specialist for your tailored program.

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